Buffet Selection


The All You Can Eat Dining Experience offers an option for you to enjoy 12 types of meat, hot dishes and salads with an unlimited service. Our Gaucho Chefs will bring your Steaks, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and more, directly for your table!

Brazilian Dishes/ Pratos Tipicos

BBQ MIX $39,99

picanha, pork sausage, chicken wrapped in bacon, rice, beans, fried banana, farofa, vinaigrette.

Picanha na Tabua/Grilled Sirloin Beef Platter $36,99 

One of our signature dishes!

Delicious grilled flavorful steak served with golden fries, rice, fresh green salad and Brazilian potato salad.

Picanha /Sirloin Steak $17,90

Sirloin beef served with potato salad, french fries and rice.

Bife a Cavalo / Beef & Eggs $16,95

 Sirloin steak, topped with golden onions and two fried eggs with rice and potato salad.

File de Frango Grelhado / Grilled Chicken $13.99

Delicious chicken breast marinated in house special sauce grilled to perfection! With rice and fresh green salad.

Peixe Grelhado / Grilled Catfish $13.99

Delicious chicken breast marinated in house special sauce grilled to perfection! With rice and fresh green salad.

Picanha na Chapa / Sirloin Beef $13.99

Served with crispy yucca or fries.

Caesar Salad $6,99

Crisp romaine lettuce and croutons tossed in our own house dressing.

Brazilian BBQ





Sirloin house special / Picanha

The premier cut from culotte top but sirloin. Available with sea salt or garlic.

Top but sirloin / Alcatra

A lean taste seasoned just with sea salt to keep the originality from this cut.

Bottom sirloin / Fraldinha

Marble taste and low salted seasoned.

Striploin / Contra-filet

Boneless beef from the short loin, near the tenderloin

Beef Ribs / Costela de boi

Slow cooked grilled beef ribs with bone.

Filet wrapped in bacon / Medalhao de boi

Beef fillets wrapped in bacon slices seasoned with garlic.

Chicken tender wrapped in bacon / Medalhao de frango

Chicken tender marinated and wrapped in bacon.

Boneless lamb / Paleta desossada

Seasoned with lemon pepper, black pepper and salt.

Leg of lamb / Pernil de cordeiro

The bone helps to give a special flavor in this lemon pepper seasoned cut.

Pork but / Pernil de porco

Seasoned with spices but not hot peppers.

Pork sausage / Linguica

A Portuguese influence in our cuisine, available spice hot and not spice hot.

Chicken hearts / Coracao de frango

A Brazilian appetizer tradition.

Chicken drumstick / Coxa drumstick 

Lollipops drumstick seasoned with mustard.

Chicken tight / Contra-coxa

Boneless chicken tight



French Fries/Batata Frita

Yucca/Mandioca Frita

Saugage / Linguiça 

Pork Crackling / Torresmo

Sliced Sirloin / Picanha Fatiada

Sirloin & Yucca/ Picanha Fatiada

served with yucca or fries.

Sausage & Yucca / Linguiça com mandioca

served with yucca or fries.




Brigadeiro $4.99

Flan $4.99

Tres leches $4.99

Tiramisu $4.99

Rice Pudding $4.99

Corn pudim $4.99

Chocolate Truffel $4.99

Limoncello Tort $4.99

Passion Fruit Mousse $4.99


House Sodas


Ginger Ale $2.99

Cream Soda $2.99

Raspberry Lime $2.99

Orange Soda $2.99

Grape Soda $2.99

Root Beer $2.99

House Sodas​

Coke $1.50

Diet Coke $1.50

Sprite $1.50

Guarana $2.50

Fresh Juice

Acerola $4.99

Passion Fruit $4.99

Mango $4.99

Orange Juice $4.99

Lemonade $4.99

Strawberry Lemonade $6.00

Orange w/Strawberry $6.00

Acerola w/ Orange $6.00

Strawberry $4.99

Pineapple $4.99

Pineapple w/Mint $6.00

Strawberry $4.99

Bottled Water

Poland Spring $1.50

Poland Spring Sparkling $2.00


Corona $4.50

Blue Moon $4.50

Guinness $4.50

Heineken $5.50

Heineken Light $5.50

Bud Light $4.50

Bohemia $5.00

Harpoon IPA $5.50

Itaipava Brown $5.50

Itaipava lager $5.50

Modelo $5.50


Jeunesse - Black Moscato

Glass $9.00 Bottle $34.00

Clayhouse - Cabernet Sauvignon 

Glass $9.00 Bottle $33.00

Eve - Chardonnay 

Glass $9.00 Bottle $31.00

Rosatello - Sparkling Rose 

Glass $9.00 Bottle $34.00

Robert Mandavi - Pinot Noir 

Glass $9.00 Bottle $31.00

Lacador - Brazilian Malbec

Glass $9.00 Bottle $34.00


Copacabana Caipirinha $15.00

Cachaca, lemon, lime, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple

Classica Caipirinha $13.00

Cachaca, lemon and sugar

Kiwi Caipirinha $13.00

Cachaca,kiwi and sugar

Red Citrus Caipirinha $14.00

blueberry, raspberries, strawberry 

Pineapple Caipirinha $13.00

Cachaca, pineapple and sugar

Mango Caipirinha $13.00

Cachaca, mango and sugar

Passion Fruit Caipirinha $13.00

Cachaca, passion fruit and sugar

Strawberry Caipirinha $13.00

Cachaca, strawberry and sugar

Classic Mojito $13.00

Lime, mint, run and ginger-ale

Special Mojito $14.00

Traditional Margarita $13.00

Special margarita $15.00

Red Citrus Bomb $16.00

Blueberry, raspberries, cranberry juicy and Dragonberry Bacardi

Pina Colada $14.00

Pinaple, coconut cream, Malibu and Bacardi Silver